Youth and Children

 Children in Worshiplilly with hymnal

Children are always welcome in worship!  We believe that worship is for all people, and all people can lend a voice.  We have worship bags in the entrance to the sanctuary to help them experience worship in a special way.  Please return the bag at the end of worship so we can add to it.  There is a nursery for children 4 and under, and if you feel like you need to step out with your child for a bit, you can hear the service in the vestibule or in the fellowship hall.  If you want to see some ways children can worship with their bags, check out this worship booklet for families.

Bluff’s Children’s Churchchildren

We would like to Welcome any “little ones & almost big ones” to Bluff’s Children Church once a month. Children get to participate in their very own church; with kid version worship.

Each month we have activities for our youth. Programs, Fundraisers, field trips, and plenty of excitement.  


Bluff’s Youth Groupmontreat2

The middle and high schoolers meet about once a month for youth group as well.  We will have dinner and fun programs at the church, or go on outings around town.  We also send youth to the presbytery retreats and Montreat each year.  We hope that you’ll consider being involved.  Check our calendar page for updates on upcoming events.