Prayer for Our Schools

We finally have a plan for schools this fall, sort of.  The governor has announced a general plan that now the counties have to take and work with.  Many people are unhappy.  Some think it’s not strict enough, “we should be all remote, we need to keep our kids and teachers safe!”  Some think it’s too strict, “come on, we’ve got to get back to normal, how can we possibly manage a hybrid situation!”  Either way, we’ve got to make the best of what we have.  We’ve got to encourage our kids, support our teachers, start to manage our work etc.  It’s an impossible situation but it’s just the next thing that has to be managed differently than ever before.  Those of you who are trying to decide what your kids will do I’m sure have that tinge of anxiety that is ever familiar these last 4 months.  You teachers also feel that, a fear that you won’t have the support you need to make these changes, that your kids will fall behind and you’ll be blamed, a fear and worry for those kids with bad home situations and a desire to teach that brought you to teaching in the first place.  Yes, this is impossible. So let’s pray about it, let’s try to breathe and make the best step forward we can, realize that a lot of people have to make really hard decisions and they’re just trying to do the best they can.  

Let us Pray…

God of wisdom,
We pray for our school systems. Give those making decisions about the school year the wisdom to know what to do, the patience to know that things may change in a blink of an eye, and the strength to stand up for what is right.  
We pray for our teachers. May they feel supported, may they feel the compassion for their students, may they be safe, loved and patient.  May they learn to teach with a mask and learn the skills they need to teach online, while also supporting the ones in their classroom.  May our teachers feel loved and appreciated.

We pray for parents.  May they gain the patience needed to help their children at home, may they support the teachers the best way they can, may they stay safe and find ways to adapt.  

We pray for children.  Keep them safe.  May they learn what they need and make friends in a way that makes them stronger.  May they learn patience and how to talk with a mask, may it not cover up who they are but only keep them safe.  

We pray for all people, may we strive to love one another as ourselves rather than judge, to support one another and lift one another up.  May we, as hard as it may be, try to adapt to whatever comes at us.  May all things be done in a spirit of love instead of a spirit of hate.  And may we stay safe.  Comfort and heal us when we do not.

In the name of Jesus Christ who came to earth as a human, but is name above all names,


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