The Church

As the pastor of Bluff Presbyterian Church, I’ve been very grateful for how people in this congregation have stepped up during this time.  You’ve really shown that the church is about the people.  One thing that you did that has been a blessing to me, is put together a video/slideshow of everybody in the church expressing gratitude to me. When church becomes digital and I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer editing videos and writing devotionals, it can be hard to see what difference it makes.  I’m so thankful to hear from you that it means something.  I’ve heard that some people have been unable to see the slideshow based on facebook privacy settings, so I’ve attached it here.  I know it’ll be a blessing to be able to see everybody!  If you know of anybody who may want a dvd with it, please let me know!  
Thank you again to Sary Phifer for putting it together, and for Rhonda, Charlotte, Linda Sue, Phyllis and anybody else who went out to get pictures and contact people to be part of it.  You are a blessing to me and to each other.

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