It’s Spring!  It’s beautiful outside, the weather is perfect, if not slightly too warm, the flowers are beginning to bloom.  One almost forgets that we are in a period of isolation when it is a beautiful day.  I invite you today to go outside, take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and take … [Read more…]

Look for the Helpers

We hear the phrase “look for the helpers” a lot in times of trouble. I think I’ve probably referenced the phrase from Mr. Fred Rogers in at least a dozen sermons over the years.  It is a great way to calm children (and let’s face it, adults) during a time of crisis, there’s always good … [Read more…]

Family Resources during CO-VID 19 Pandemic

I’m hoping to post some sort of devotional on most days, and also provide you with some resources through this time.  I’m also posting something on Facebook Live. Today, since we’re on day two of most schools being closed, I thought I’d reach out to our families with some resources for teaching the faith at … [Read more…]