Since we are not gathering in person and our “ritual” of worship is not the same, I thought it may be helpful to share a few different practices you can do at home.  Today I’d like to share the practice of Examen.  I’ve shared bits of it in the past, but I have attached a … [Read more…]

Scripture in a Time of Pandemic

Today I just want to share with you an article featuring my seminary president, Dr. Brian Blount.  He speaks of where Scripture brings hope during this time with Sally Scherer of the Presbyterian Foundation.    When asked about his hopefulness, Blount responded, “I’ve read to the end of The Book [the Bible].  There is a … [Read more…]

Guided Meditation

For Today, I’ve attached a guided meditation from the Abide app, this is meant for sleep but I think it will probably be helpful for even times of great anxiety throughout the day.  Psalm 23 is always a comforting psalm to hear and this expands on it for your life.  This is only 3 minutes … [Read more…]

Evening Prayer

Evening Daily Prayer – From the PCUSA Book of Daily Prayers Feel free to do this around the table at supper or before bed with family or on your own (you can do it any other time of the day too it just fits the evening best).  Opening Sentences Stay with us, Lord, for it … [Read more…]

Some Weekend Resources

On this weekend of the Second Sunday of Easter, I want to share a few resources for you to use as you worship or teach from home.  We’ve been blessed with many free resources from some of my favorite curriculums, so I’d first like to share the Illustrated Ministry resource once again.  It also has … [Read more…]