The Church

As the pastor of Bluff Presbyterian Church, I’ve been very grateful for how people in this congregation have stepped up during this time.  You’ve really shown that the church is about the people.  One thing that you did that has been a blessing to me, is put together a video/slideshow of everybody in the church … [Read more…]

How Can I keep From Singing?

There’s been a lot of talk in the musical community about how singing in groups will be no longer for a long time.  I hope this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, because otherwise it will be quite traumatic.  It’s hard to imagine worship without communal singing.  I read an opinion piece in the … [Read more…]


Hey all,  Early on in this pandemic, one of our mottos was “be prepared not scared.”  We’re now in the midst of this. It’s not over, but we’re starting to get antsy about getting out and plans are in place nationwide, statewide and within our community to gradually gather together again .  We are in the process … [Read more…]

National Day of Prayer

Since the National Day of Prayer event in Wade was canceled, I thought you may want to participate in the service put together by the church in Dunn.  It will go live at 11:00 am this morning.  Hope you enjoy!


I know many people have been coping with this time by writing in a journal. That is not a discipline I’m very good at keeping up with.  However, storytelling is something I’m both drawn to and love to do (may not be too much of a surprise since I’m a pastor).  I came across a … [Read more…]

The Story of John 21

Yesterday during worship, we told the Bible story a bit differently! We included a Bobblehead Jesus, Cristoff, Olaf and Wonder woman (as one of the two unnamed disciples) to tell the story of the breakfast on the beach. Hope you enjoy!

House Blessings

Today’s spiritual practice I’m encouraging is writing a house blessing (or simply praying one that already exists).  I imagine many of you will be spending your day indoors since it is rainy, so why not come up with a blessing for each room of your house.  What prayer would you pray for your kitchen? Your … [Read more…]

Lectio Divina

I’ve done this practice with many of you before, but it really is one of my favorite ways to read scripture, especially in a group.  It takes away all the prejudices you have toward a passage (at least tries to) and lifts up phrases and words as prayer instead.  I’ve attached a copy of the … [Read more…]