God is Love

I’ve felt an urge to speak out about all that is erupting around the nation, but also want to be careful for a variety of reasons.  I am a white woman, so I don’t feel like I have the right to speak for the experiences of Black people in America.  I don’t really feel like … [Read more…]

Church Renewal

As I was reflecting on what to say today in my devotional (since I realized I never did one yesterday, sorry about that), I began to look through a book I’ve had for years from the Iona Community called “Gathered and Scattered” Readings and Meditations from the Iona Community.  I began to think abut how … [Read more…]


Friends,  As we are making plans to re-gather in person, I’m aware that people are getting restless, getting complacent and tired. Many of the churches around us have already gone back, people are protesting, lawsuits were filed and we simply miss seeing each other’s faces. But I also hear stories like this one, where 180 people … [Read more…]